Fairytales Children's Hair care

This childrens hair care line is designed to help prevent lice and to treat the dreaded lice breakouts.  It is a natural approach to lice prevention and removal.  Fairy Tales also carries a full range of maintenance and hair care products for daily use.

​Divinity Organics

Combining natural and certified organic ingredients to give you a safer and healthier option for your skin and hair.  This is our signature line that is handmade by our owner Angela.  With over 15 years in the beauty industry she has used her experience and hands on knowledge in this field to create professional grade skincare products to give you amazing results!

O'right Organics

Unique products designed for all hair and skin types.  All made with nourishing EcoCert and USDA Certified Organic ingredients.  

Onesta Hair Care

Onesta products are made in harmony with nature.  They strive for beauty both inside and out

Innersense Hair Care

​Innersense was founded on the principles of organic beauty and wellness.  It's based on organic lifestyle choices that encourage health, vitality and balance.


Organic Way (Oway) is the world’s first professional organic hair color, care and styling line with biodynamic, organic and fair trade ingredients.

Oway’s organic salon products take root on our family’s biodynamic farms in Bologna, Italy – where Italian quality meets nature.

Keragreen Keratin & Protein Treatment

A natural and safer keratin blow out!

Keragreen offers an Organic solution to the popular keratin and protein treatments.  Formaldehyde free giving you healthy, manageable, and smoother hair.

​Organic Care Systems

The calming and soothing in these products is made possible by chamomile and aloe vera.  Moisturizing and conditioning is taken care of with jojoba seed oil, sweet almond oil and hydrolyzed wheat protein, which also helps to strengthen the hair.  UV protection is provided by sunflower oil. Additionally, we use vitamin B5, which adds body to the hair without adding weight to the hair.   

Organic Curl Systems

Organic curl systems is an innovative ammonia and thio-glyclate free re-texturizing or perming system.  We are able to achieve soft frizz free curls  using plant based ingredients.  Get the shine and body you want naturally.

Organic Colour Systems

Combining Certified Organic, Natural, and safer ingredients we are able to provide some of the worlds best professional color applications. Ammonia & Resorcinol free and healthier for you and our stylist! 

The products that we use